January Alumni Spotlight

I often find myself thinking of IMS whenever school gets tough. I can't express how much those two weeks of connection have changed my life: the way I think, the way I act, the way I view the world.  It's created a unique sense of discipline that has become one of the core areas of how I live my life. I've been able to find a deeper meaning behind my music and with my interactions with other people as well.  It's created a new way of living for me!

I am currently volunteering at a nonprofit organization called Jill's House (http://jillshouse.org). It's presently the largest overnight stay facility in the nation for children with disabilities. I am currently also attempting to make opportunities to play cello for the children as well while I care for them...because I know for a fact that a lot of them absolutely love music! 

At IMS, I learned to better express myself through my playing, thus leading to a mature mentality that I believe to be unattainable anywhere but in music.  With that mentality, I've continued to play in the AYP level of AYPO (we're playing Symphonic Dances from the West Side Story :D!!!), lead as principal cellist in my school orchestra, and serve as co-principal cellist at Senior Regionals Orchestra - moving on to VA All-States now!

The world vision of IMS has touched my life and many others and will certainly touch the lives of many many others in the future to come.   -- update from Eugene Choo (cellist, 2016 IMS Alumnus from Virginia)