Bobby Wilmore, Percussion & Rhythm


Bobby Wilmore came to Los Angeles in 2001 on a scholarship to study Jazz drumming at USC where he met professor Angel Figueroa.  Angel taught Bobby many styles of Afro-Latin rhythms and soon introduced him to Cuban Legend Lázaro Galarraga; who became Bobby’s musical mentor.  Lazaro has worked his entire life dancing, singing and drumming for some of the most famous Cuban groups of all time. Over the years Lazaro taught Bobby thousands of rhythms and songs from the complex style of Afro-Cuban music.  Lazaro and Bobby have played on several albums and instructional DVDs together and perform on a regular basis with their band SitaraSon.  Bobby executive produced Lázaro's album "Emi Okokan" which features Lázaro, Bobby and Angel playing sacred Batá drums.  He also Co-produced and performed on the kids album It’s a Beautiful Day to Play which was sampled onto Justin Timberlake’s recent song “Young Man.”  Bobby has also produced many Cuban and Pan-African events in L.A. with Kati Hernandez, Kimbambula Dance and L’Esprit D’Afrique, that featured Master Artists from around the world. 

Bobby enjoys playing many styles; he has had the honor of working with: Harry Belafonte, Herbie Hancock,  Francisco Aguabella, Sandy Perez, and Mike Spiro to name a few.  Currently Bobby is a full time musician in L.A. teaching workshops at schools and universities and performing at events, religious ceremonies, dance classes and even kids parties!!  He works with such a variety of great musicians and performers and is always looking forward to the next musical Journey...